8 Easy Brass Knuckles Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

The tattoo art is huge; it is versatile and unique. People from all over the world get tattoos. Many people have tattoos for fun; many have tattoos for a special purpose. Many people have the tattoos for some sacred reason. There are different tattoos art, and one of those is the brass knuckles tattoo.


What does the brass knuckle mean?

These are the tattoo designs which involve brass knuckles. The brass knuckles have a special meaning in the tattoo world. These knuckles mean “love your neighbor.”

The real and literal meaning is that you can do what you want, and that is, be nice to your enemies. S, if you see a person who has this tattoo on the back or the shoulder or any other part of the body, it means that they are friendly people.


  1. The sword chest tattoo
Brass Knuckles Tattoo
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There are many tattoos which you can have on the chest. If you want to give a solid look, then the best choice is to have the sword brass knuckles tattoo. It is the design which involves the large sword with the brass knuckles shape handle.


  1. Fist brass knuckles
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It is one of the best tattoos that you will ever get. It is the brass knuckles design on the fist. This brass knuckles tattoo design will give you a very solid and a grave look.


  1. Cracked brass knuckles men’s tattoo
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Design the arm with the large reddish brass knuckles. The design is an excellent choice for men who are 30+. The red color adds more seriousness to the tattoo art as compared to other colors.


  1. Full rib cage tattoo
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As the name suggests, this is a very large tattoo. It is a large brass knuckle which covers the entire right or left side of the rib cage. Make sure that you go to an experienced artist to design this tattoo. The size may be large, but the details are even more visible.


  1. Brass knuckles with crown
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Another tattoo which is quite famous is the combination of a crown and the brass knuckles. The king and queen tattoos which are various designs of crowns combined with the knuckles give a classic look.


  1. Belly button knuckles tattoo
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It is also known as the male stomach tattoo. It is a very simple design which has the large brass knuckle design on the stomach. You can have various colors for this design and not just the traditional lead color.


  1. Underarm brass knuckles
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Underarms does not mean the armpit; it is the lower part of the biceps. This tattoo is the knuckles with stars on each ring. You may want to add a phrase such as “in your face” with the tattoo design.


  1. Love brass knuckles
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This tattoo design is a good choice for those who love guns bullets, knives and knuckles. It is a multidimensional tattoo which shows the love for warfare. The tattoo covers the entire arm with the Gun, knuckles, a knife, and the bullets.

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