What is an Easy Tattoo? – 13+ Simple and Easy Tattoo Designs

Many peoples finding easy tattoo designs to make tattoos easily in less time. A tattoo is present on everybody. Creating a tattoo means designing something on the part of your body that is going to last long for the whole life. A tattoo is also known as semi body modification.

The reason it is called body modification because the ink is used. Now the can be of two types either the ink can be non-removable, or the ink can be temporary. A removable ink is one those inks which can’t be removed once a tattoo created it can be changed until that part of the skin has been scraped off the body. Temporary ink gets easily removed. Most of the people who get the tattoo on the skin use temporary inks.

Temporary inks also have further categories. Some temporary inks can only be removed by the certain material while some temporary inks can be washed by the water. The ink is crafted onto the top layer of the skin. The ink once inserted it changes the color of the skins where inks are inserted. Some are an easy tattoo, and some are just difficult to create.

What is a history of tattoo?

The word tattoo is an extension of the original word tattoo. This word tattoo was derived in the eighteenth century from a language where the word was used as data. The meaning of the word Tatau was to write. As different artist of the tattoo also considers creating tattoo as a writing a story.

They say that every tattoo has its own feeling that can’t is described to person. But the person who is drawing the tattoo on the body knows the meaning behind this writing of a picture. Different languages have given tattoo drawing different names. Some called the tattoo drawing as the west painting of the body. They called it West painting because the tattoo was painted on the body.

What is a different kind of tattoos available?

Slave tattoo was most common in the past because every slave was given a mark on their body. That tattoo was permanent and was not made from any kind of ink. That tattoo was made by the heated iron rods on the body. Those tattoos come with great pain and some of the slaves even die with the pain of the tattoos. Many wounds of the tattoos got thousands of slaves to get infected with different kind of diseases, and there was no cure for the disease.

Flower tattoo has a pleasant history this tattoo was mostly used by different females on their body. This tattoo was specially made by different inks. They were delicately made. Many women of the past used these tattoos as part of the beauty. They would use the tattoo to attract the males. Flower tattoos were complicated, and it would take the almost full day before they were done. But they were extensively beautiful.

Different clans used tattoos their signature. Most those clans have their tattoos inscribed on their wrists or on the neck. These tattoos would mean that certain men belong to that particular clan. Here are some easy tattoo designs.


13 Simple and Easy Tattoo Designs


1. Tribal Wolf Tattoo

Tribal Wolf Tattoo
(Tribal Wolf Tattoo: via)


2. Tribal Sun Tattoo

(Tribal sun tattoo: via)


3. Tattoo Sun

(Tattoo sun: via)


4. Small Cross Tattoo

small cross tattoo
(Small cross tattoo: via)


5. Shark Tattoo Designs

Shark Tattoo Designs
(Shark tattoo designs: via)


6. Scorpion Tattoo Design

scorpion tattoo Design
(Scorpion tattoo design: via)


7. Flight of the Sparrow Tattoo

Flight of the Sparrow Tattoo
(Flight of the sparrow tattoo: via)


8. Easy Tattoo Designs

Easy Tattoo Designs
(Easy tattoo Design: via)


9. Geometric Star Tattoo

Geometric Star Tattoo
(Geometric star tattoo: via)


10. Easy Pokemon Tattoo Designs

Easy Pokemon Tattoo Designs
(Easy Pokemon tattoo: via)


11. Easy Eye Tattoo

Easy eye tattoo
(Easy eye tattoo: via)


12. Batman Tattoo Design

Batman Easy Tattoo Designs 4
(Batman tattoo design: via)


13. Audio Heart Tattoo

Audio Heart Tattoo Design
(Audio heart tattoo: via)

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