Privacy Policy

The privacy of every individual is important, and the system of completely understands this need and work to ensure complete safety of people concerned. There are many services which are offered by the website, and there is no need to register or to make an account. A proper privacy policy applies to all the information collected, maintained and used by the website. The rules apply to all the services and products offered.

Information for personal identification

When a person visits the site or gets himself registered, the personal information is collected from the user. This information is collected in multiple ways. The information which is asked for includes the name, address, email ID, or other general fields.

The person can get access to all the information, services, products and resources shared on the website. The submission depends on the will of the person that whether he wants to provide the personal information or not. In case the information is not given, the person will be restricted from using certain features of the website.

The information offered is used just to engage the individual in the activities of the page, and the security is ensured by protecting it from leakage to unauthorized users.

Usage of personal information

The source to which the information is shared includes the affiliated companies and other trusted business personnel. Proper consent of user is taken while entering the information to avoid the conflict on later stages. This information is used by other channels for processing and usage in further decision making.

Complete confidentiality, as well as security, is ensured to make the things clear. The privacy policy is communicated to all channels so that the compliance with the instructions will be done. The disclosure of information only takes place if it is necessary and reasonable to do so.

Integration of data

The tattoo business varies from individual to individual and service level should be maintained. The notice according to the specific service you are going to get is issued. That notice includes all the information to guarantee the safety and processing of service.

The sole purpose is to maintain the service and get improvements according to the requirements of customers. To make right decisions, complete and accurate information is collected. Routine updating and correction are needed to integrate the data. All the information is then integrated to make the correct choice for the overall welfare.

Automatic collection of information

Other than the personal information, when the user visits the website and has interaction, all the details are recorded. It is the data which is offered by the browser you are using. Your computer type, browser name, technical information, and the ways through which he connects with the website are recorded.

Internet service provider is also identified in this process. It explains the routine operations and helps the company understand about the consumers visiting the web page.

Payment process and promotions

The privacy policy includes the process of payment taking place. The outside parties cannot get access to this information. The information entered is used to send emails and promotional activities to the consumers. The user specifies the topics of their interest, and then the content shared with them is regarding the types of tattoos and services liked by them.

It makes it interesting for the consumer, and they do not get annoyed due to unnecessary emails. Also, it is easy to ask queries and requests for the help of official website. The response to all queries is provided within no time with complete details for the satisfaction of the user.

Use of browser cookies

Cookies are used to make the experience better for the user. The record of search is kept to follow information and use it later on for improvement. It is completely up to the choice of the user to turn off the cookies or get the notification about the information being sent. Turning off the cookies will affect the working of some features on the website.

Acceptance of privacy policy

The acceptance of this privacy policy is required by the user to proceed to work on the website. The respective changes are made in the policy according to the postings. In the case of any queries regarding privacy policy, the user can always contact on