6 Effective Tips to Keep Your Ears Healthy

Humans are social animals and can survive without social interactions. A part of social interactions is due to our ability to communicate. When it comes to communication, our senses such as listening and speaking matter a lot.

You hear your friends talking, you hear a truck horn, you hear a crying child, etc etc. All of this is possible because of your ability to hear. Imagine if you are not able to detect the sounds or respond to these voices. So, the sense of hearing is for sure one of the greatest blessings of nature.

Why is Ear Health Important?

Most of us are born with it; however, years of survival end up compromising our hearing ability. This hearing damage can come from many things. Ageing is one prominent factor of hearing loss over time. Other than this, many other things can result in sudden hearing loss.

I remember once my class fellow developed sudden ear pain in the ear and was taken to the best ENT specialist in Karachi. However, later it was found that she was suffering from some inner ear problem that caused her to lose her hearing ability permanently. So, it’s not only ageing, but many things can take a toll on your hearing ability. Thus, it is essentially important to take care of your ears.

How to Take Care of Your Ears?

Here are some tips that can help you to enjoy ear health later in life.

1- Never skip ear protection

Talking about the causes of ear damage, the occupational risk can’t be denied. Occupational exposure to loud sounds for longer periods of time can be one prominent cause of hearing loss. In such cases, it is recommended to use ear protection.

There are many different kinds of ear protection available in the market well suited for a person’s needs. So, if you are working in such an environment, make sure that you are not skipping your ear protection.

2- Keep volume low

You may not realize it but volume plays an important role in your ear health. When you listen to louder music, you are more likely to cause damage to your ear. Your headphones choice also matters. So, be mindful of listening to music at a moderate volume plus choose your headphones carefully. It is also important to take necessary breaks whenever you are trying to keep your ears healthy.

3- Cotton swabs are your ear’s enemy

When it comes to cleaning your ears, the use of cotton swabs is considered a recommended practice. You may find it as probably the most convenient way to clear your earwax but do you know that it can be really harmful to your ear health. You might end up overcleaning your ears or can use it the wrong way, damaging your eardrum. Once damaged, it becomes really difficult to fully recover from this damage.

4- Avoid ear moisture

It is always better to have dry ears. When you are leaving your ear moisture, there is a high chance of bacteria growing inside your ears causing ear infections. These ear infections can be one reason for poor ear health. Thus, it is always better to dry your ears with a towel to absorb extra moisture so no bacteria can grow inside your ears.

5- Move more

You may believe it or not but physical activity can impact your hearing ability. Though physical activity does not directly affect your ear health. However, staying physically active for your heart and that ultimately supports your ear health. So, make sure that you are staying sufficiently active and keeping your ears healthy.

6- Have an eye on warning signs

No matter how much you take care of your ear health, there are certain things that aren’t in your control. To know about this, it is always important to keep an eye on potential warning signs of ear problems. Doing this can keep you aware of problems in advance and help you take necessary measures to protect your health.

Bottom Line!

Ear health is important and many things can negatively affect it. So, to keep your ears healthy, it is better to follow the recommended practices to prevent any side effects. Not only this but ensuring regular visits to your physicians can be a great help in preventing ear-related health issues.

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