Incredible Semicolon Tattoo Ideas That Will Inspire You

What are semicolon tattoos, and what do they symbolize?

A semicolon tattoo symbolizes hope and strength, and it represents the fight against depression, addiction, self-harm, and suicide. People who have semicolon tattoos are sharing their stories of overcoming these struggles. This blog post will look at some incredible examples of these tattoos that will inspire you!

Semicolon tattoos can be simple or complex, small or large. They can ink them in black or any colour of your choice, and you can have them inked on any piece of your body.

How to get a semicolon tattoo?

If you are interested in getting a semicolon tattoo, here are a few tips:

-Choose an artist who understands the symbolism behind the tattoo and can capture it accurately.

-Be sure to discuss your design with your artist and make sure you are both on the same page.

-Choose a location for your tattoo that will be visible and meaningful to you.

-Get a quality tattoo from a reputable artist to ensure it lasts a lifetime.

These are only a couple of interesting points while getting this tattoo. In addition, if you or someone you know is struggling with depression, addiction, self-harm, or suicidal thoughts, please reach out for help. There are numerous assets accessible to you, and you are not alone.

The best places to get a semicolon tattoo are:

-Sleeve tattoos

-Leg tattoos

-Back tattoos

-Butterfly tattoos

The best artists to get a semicolon tattoo from are:

-Jason Kundrat at the enslaved person to the Needle in Seattle, WA

-Nikki Smith at Sacred Tattoo in Los Angeles, CA

-Keith Ciaramello at Empire Ink in Philadelphia, PA

-Lydia Maria at Electric Ladyland in Brooklyn, NY

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Aftercare for semicolon tattoos:

After getting this tattoo, it is vital to take care of it properly to ensure that it heals correctly and lasts a lifetime. Here are a few tips:

-Keep the tattoo clean and dry, and do not submerge it in water or soak it in any solution.

-Apply a thin layer of ointment to the tattoo twice a day.

-Avoid sun exposure and use sunscreen when outside.

-Do not pick or scratch the tattoo.

-Allow the tattoo to heal completely before resuming normal activities.

It is also important to note that people with these tattoos don’t necessarily suffer from depression, addiction, self-harm, or suicide. Instead, it is simply a symbol of hope and strength that can be meaningful to anyone.

Semicolon tattoo ideas:

If you are looking for any ideas for your semicolon tattoo, here are a few to get you started:

-A simple semicolon tattoo

-A semicolon with a butterfly

-A semicolon with a heart

-A semicolon with a quote or phrase

-A semicolon with a date or initials

The possibilities are endless! Get creative and think of something meaningful to you.

The story of how one woman used a tattoo to help her deal with depression and suicidal thoughts:

In 2013, Kelly Davidson got a semicolon tattoo to represent her struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts. The semicolon was inked on her wrist to remind her story was not over yet.

“I was in a dark place when I got the tattoo. I was managing a ton of misery and self-destructive considerations. I was self-harming and wasn’t eating or taking care of myself. The semicolon tattoo was a way to remind me that my story isn’t over yet. I’m still here, and I’m worth fighting for.”

– Kelly Davidson

If you or anyone well know is battling with wretchedness, addiction, self-harm, or suicidal thoughts, please connect for help. There are so many resources available for you, and you are not alone.



So, what do semicolon tattoos mean? They can represent a variety of things for the person wearing them. For some, they may be a sign of hope and resilience; for others, they may mean a hard time or battle that has been overcome. Although each tattoo has a different meaning, it is undeniable that these tattoos are becoming increasingly popular as symbols of strength and courage in the face of adversity.

So, there you have it – everything you need to know about semicolon tattoos. They are a great way to show your support for mental health awareness and symbolize hope. If you’re thinking of getting one, check out these excellent examples for some inspiration!

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