20+ Brilliant Leo Tattoo Designs for your Star

Leo Tattoo Designs

People created under the hallmark of Leo are usually self-confident, strong, and faithful, Leo tattoo designs are similar to the lion itself.

They can be warm, action-oriented and influenced by the need to be loved and respected. Sometimes, people may well not observe how kind and big-hearted the Leo are, for their egoistic, control-freak part. But, exactly like every other signal, the Leo have both negative and positive traits.

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Below are a few of the very most beautiful Leo tattoos you will ever before come across.
For their personality, there is something royal and chic about folks who are born in the hallmark of Leo. Obtaining the mark of your horoscope to remain your neck can look fashionable, attractive, and inexplicable, in ways.

With this tattoo positioning, people are incredibly more likely to know your horoscope signal before they even become familiar with you!

Leo tattoos look good on nearly every body part. There is something special relating to this particular body part. Not everyone will know your indication, and discover your tattoo. Only those who find themselves the closest for you. This tattoo gets the typical Leo mark, with the planet “leo” written within it.s

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If you need a small, but important tattoo, you might obtain it on your feet. Foot tattoos are incredibly popular nowadays, plus they look amazing through the hot, sunny days, when everyone can wear convenient shoes than usual. But, don’t deceive yourself. Ft . tattoos can hurt, due to the fact there is merely your skin layer and bones down there. If you cannot tolerate pain, then consider another body part.


The icon of Leo can be coupled with many other icons. Leo tattoo designs look good when blended. As you can see in this picture, the sign of Leo moves well with the lion and sunlight. Characteristics of any Leo are incredibly very much like those of a lion. Sunlight may also signify your vitality and energy.

Leo Horoscope Tattoo

Cute, but impressive at the same time, not think? These lion paws go extremely well with the Leo tattoo. This tattoo may seem to be a little female. Men can get a greater Leo image, and one lion paw. But, that paw should look ‘manly’ so they could showcase their tough part.

Super Leo Tattoo

This Leo tattoo is very unique. Yes, it can depict the Leo horoscope symbole, but it is performed in a distinctive way. Many people understand this symbol in dark-colored. But, this person managed to get creative by creating the image out of varied lines and dots. It’s very easy to pull the icon of Leo, so, you can sketch your tattoo design in some recoverable format and also have some fun with it!

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Tiny Leo Tattoo

We’ve already had a tiny feet Leo tattoo. But, that one is even smaller – it is little and so lovable! Expressing your special and subtle aspect, along with all the current characteristics of your Leo, you should get a tattoo such as this one.

24 Leo Tattoo Designs

leo tattoo designs

leo tattoo designs

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