100+ Hand Tattoos Designs – Most Popular and Unique Ideas

Develop understanding of Hand Tattoos

Hand tattoos are popular, and most of the people like to have tattoos with different meaning on their hands. Getting a tattoo on the palm is not common, but the other forms are appreciated among people.

Different meanings are associated with hand tattoos just because of their placement on such a part. Mostly a small portion of the hand is tattooed not the whole arm just to give a sophisticated look. It is the area of the body which is exposed the most and people notice the change easily.

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Getting the tattoo is not an easy thing, and it requires a lot of effort to decide what kind of tattoo will be made on the hand. It is about the confidence level because tattoos are mostly made as a way of self-expression. So a clear thinking should be done before selecting the design because that would become the part of the body forever. Although getting a hand tattoo is not a work involving a lot of expense, but it surely is painful.

 History of Hand Tattoos Designs

Hands hold a great significance in the evolution of humans. The sense of creativity, as well as intelligence, is shown by the hand tattoos. In the old paintings which are mostly found in the caves, the paintings were done on the hand prints. It shows that it is not a new thing, but it is done from a long time ago. A lot of importance is given to the hands in the stages of development of human beings.

Hands are used to grasp the objects and carry out many other activities of daily life. In the cave art, the recognizable symbol for humanity was handed, and they show the unique connection between individuals. There are a close relation and connection between creativity, thinking, and hands. So, to show the importance of hands in the life of humans, these tattoos are made.

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Reason for Having Tattoos on Hands

There are a lot of reasons for which hands are thought to be the important place for making tattoos. The primary reason is visibility. Regarding pain, the person has to suffer a lot while having the tattoo on hands, as compared to the other parts of the body. A level of commitment is shown when people get tattoos on their hands.

The most important reason is that mostly religious tattoos are made on the hands. In Christianity and many other religions, they are taken in a very holy manner. Especially, in the ring finger, people get the tattoo ring instead of having the real ring on their finger.

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Hand Tattoo Images

There are a lot of images which can be found on the internet, or the tattoo artists can display a catalog. There are multiple further categories which come under the umbrella of Hand tattoos. The different meanings are then associated with these tattoos to show a different meaning. Such as the social standings, emotions, attachment, love and multiple other categories can be represented in the form of hand simple tattoos.

There are innumerable images available in each category from which the person can decide depending on his preferences. Even the place where the tattoo is made matters a lot. Every area of palm and hand signifies a different thing such as in palmistry, so making a tattoo on different areas is also a symbol of some specific experience and a way of expression.

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Hand Tattoos for Men

Getting the Hand tattoos for men is common and a nice practice. However, the right choice of design and place is necessary. A tattoo can be made on any body part, but if the statement or design should be made in a way that is visible to everyone, the hand is the best option. And more interesting tattoos for men like letter tattoo designs, popular tattoo designs, tribal hand tattoos, flash tattoo designs, Japanese tattoo designs.

The focus of attention is shifted towards the particular symbol when the tattoo is designed at a significant portion which is mostly used in the routine. For impressing another party, this way of expression is the best idea. There are various designs which are manlier, and they are made for men specifically. The best memories can be preserved on the body in this manner, and they can be remembered every day by having a look at this beautiful gesture.

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Hand Tattoo for Girls

The tattoo is a way of expression, and this is most suited to girls. The color tattoos along with fascinating designs are associated with girl tattoos. In most of the cultures, Hand tattoo for girls is not appreciated and accepted in the social settings. In this scenario, the hand tattoo is the best option because it is the symbolization of sophistication and self-expression.

The usual misconceptions or myths normally associated with the tattoo making are because of multiple reasons. Society normally believes that the tattoos are made for the pirates, criminals, and people with a bad image. However, this is such a beautiful experience that the person will regret in the future if not taken. Girl tattoos are available in many creative designs which add up to the beauty of personality and give a sense of confidence.

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 Simple Hand Tattoo Designs

There are many simple tattoo designs which do not make the person suffer from a lot of pain and look sophisticated. These are the simple designs with the indication of beauty and meaningfulness. Every tattoo has a meaning associated with it. Here are some simple hand tattoo designs which are normally liked by people.

Feather Tattoo on Hand

It is a simple tattoo design which looks elegant. The delicacy is represented which also shows the power of a bid to fly. It is mostly liked by the girls. The color choice depends on the person getting it. It can be of gray, black or made in multiple colors according to the preference.

Words on Fingers

It is a common type of tattoo. People write the words on the fingers, and those words hold special meaning in their lives. These letters look simple and have a clear meaning which can be understood by anyone. It is a great way of expression. The font styling and designing can be done to add up to the beauty of this tattoo.

Paw Print on Hand

It is for the animal lovers. If someone has lost the favorite pet, he had or just want to show the love for the pets; this can be the best option. The wild animals are liked by many people, and they love to have the paw prints on hands because it seems cute and attractive.

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Side of Hand Tattoo Designs

When a person uses the hand in routine operations, the side of the hand is normally shown to others. There are many elegant designs which are specially made to be printed on the side of hands. It looks feminine and pretty as well. Mostly girls use this area of hand for tattooing.  Some commonly used side of hand tattoos are as follows.

Flying Birds on the Side of Hand

It can be made in the black color. When the birds are shown flying on the side of the hand, it looks beautiful and shows multiple meanings. It is mostly for the people who have their rules and regulations of leading the life. For some people, it is the indication of family and togetherness. The love and loyalty are represented by this design, and it looks cute to have this design.

It was one example of the side of hand tattoo designs, but this all depends on the creativity of a person or the tattoo artist. Mostly people like the writing of specific words on the side of hand because it reminds themselves of an event or a person. These writings give them hope and motivation to struggle in life and achieve a specific point of destination.

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Hand Tattoo Designs

The hand tattoo designs depend on the choice of a person. Every tattoo has a meaning associated with it, and it varies from person to person. There are not many individuals in the world who can comprehend the single idea in the same way. The story of every person varies, and so is the thought of having a tattoo.

There are a lot of benefits of hand tattoos because they show the connection with friends and families that leave a lasting impression on the minds of humans. It is a great of expressing the inner self of a person. The things liked by a person, or loved ones can also know through this way about the preferences.

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An artistic part of a person’s life comes out by the making of the tattoo on hand. It sits the part of the body which is visible to all and people appreciate the effort by having a single look. Depending on the likings and artistic mind of a person, the hand tattoos are made. People take an interest in the personality based on the similar concern in this field. Another way for which people use hand easy tattoos is to cover the part of hand which is undesirable due to any mark.


100+ Hand Tattoos Designs

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