30+ Coolest Watercolor Bird Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Watercolor bird tattoo: There are many people in the world who do not like those dark black or gray tattoos. Those tattoos show the dark side and not the soft or the bright side of a personality. If you look at a person who has a dark tattoo, surely you will get the idea about his personality.

But if you look at the person with a watercolor tattoo, it will give you a good feeling about that person. One of the famous types of tattoo is the watercolor bird tattoo. There are dozens of watercolor bird tattoo designs which you can have.

A bird watercolor tattoo on the ankle

The ankle is a soft spot on the body. It is the bone, but it is not considered tough as the fist. Getting a bird watercolor tattoo on the ankle is great. The ankle is a great place for a woman to get the tattoo.

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The bird on the wrist

Instead of getting a dark tattoo why not go for a bright, colorful bird tattoo. Ask the artist to design you a beautiful watercolor bird on the wrist. The wrist has a small area for the tattoo; you can get a hummingbird tattoo on it. The blue and red watercolors will look excellent on your wrist. Both men and women can have this type of watercolor tattoo.

The watercolor bird on the neck

The back of the neck is a great place for a girl to have a watercolor tattoo. A bird such as a dove or a pigeon on the back of the neck looks excellent. The watercolor tattoos are more fun and exciting than the gray lead tattoos.

The bird watercolor tattoos on the chest

Get yourself some large watercolor bird tattoo on the chest. If you are a fan of huge tattoos, then make sure you get one of these colorful tattoos. You can have a single bird or the two birds on the chest. If you are newly married, you and your spouse may have two pairs of birds or one female and the other may have a male bird tattoo on the chest.

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The bird tattoo on the shoulder

The shoulder is an excellent place where you can have a bird tattoo. There are many birds which have a long tail. You can have the watercolor bird’s head on the shoulder and the elongated tail which runs down until it reaches the end of the wrist. The watercolors will add more life to the tattoo.

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Other variations of watercolor tattoos

There are many other types of watercolor tattoos which you can get. One of those is the spider web tattoos. It is an excellent way to combine both the colors and the dark. You can have the web along the spider or jus the spider web on the body. Using the watercolor to design the spider web in the various body parts is a brilliant idea. You can also ask the tattoo artist for more variations and designs of the watercolor tattoos.

30+ Watercolor Bird Tattoo Designs


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