50+ Awesome Single Needle Tattoos Designs

Single needle tattoos

Single needle tattoos are basically the small and delicate types of tattoo which are now in fashion. The complex types of tattoos which are small as well are regarded to be the best in appearance and meaning as well. But, having these tattoos is not an easy task. It is very difficult to find the right tattooist to provide you with the amazing services of making this tattoo on your skin.

The art of using the single needle to draw delicate lines and design is rare. The emphasis is done on the detailing aspect because this is the main attraction for this type of tattoo. Here are some of the tattooists who are known worldwide for their skill in single needle tattoo making.

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Single needle technique by Mr. K

His services are provided in New York, and he is basically from South Korea. The bang bang actually got its fame by the skills of Mr. K which made it into such an idealistic place to have tattoos. A lot of efforts are still carried out by him to bring improvement to the amazing piece of art he has. He is regarded as the specialist for the single needle art due to his special style of performing the trick. The background also involves the graphic designing which gives him a cutting edge on leading the foundation.

River tattooist

The micro designs which involve the needle tattoos are common in Korea. River tattooist is also from the same land, and he is carrying his business in the fair world of competition with great success. The studio is opened by the name of Graffittoo. The main specialty done by him is in the fine cleaning and subtle of the luxury tattoos.

He got the degree if masters from the Kingston University in Designing. This is well executed in the form of tattooing because he is a famous artist in this field. The micro designs made by him are really exceptional and hold a name in the market.

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Dr. Woo

If you are going to talk about single needle tattoos, then the name of Dr. Woo is a must. His fame is in the West Hollywood, and the thing which gives his performance a boost is the fine lines and circles. He is regarded as the global sensation in the world of tattooing. The extreme details present in his designs can leave anyone breathtaking. He has that fair determination which keeps him motivated towards doing something new every day. He has also incorporated the concept of realism in his work recently.

Just like these many other famous names also include Marla Moon. So, the single needle awesome tattoos are mainly famous for the delicacy they possess and the skin engraving quality. The fine lines are the main thing to focus on because they are made so clearly that the tattooist hardly gets the space to breath. Real talent is needed for this art which can only be possessed by the experts of this field.


50+ Single Needle Tattoos Designs


      Single Needle Tattoos Designs

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